‘Worm-eating bacteria can help eradicate worms’

‘Worm-eating bacteria can help eradicate worms’

WATERBORNE – Waterborne parasites have been found in the water in several lakes in the Republic of Ireland, a research study has found.

The study, published in The Irish News, said waterborne parasites could help eradicate worm-eating mosquitoes in Ireland, where the majority of infections are linked to the vector’s consumption of fish.

The paper also found that the water supply is being contaminated with the parasite, as the parasite is able to thrive in freshwater, a source said.

The research team collected water samples from five lakes and two rivers, including Waterford’s Lough Neagh and Ballyshannon’s Liffey.

The researchers also collected samples from four other lakes and five rivers.

The researchers found the presence of parasites on the water was due to the presence or absence of the parasitic worm, known as Agaricomyces bicornis.

Researchers from the University of Dublin said it was possible that the parasite could have been introduced to the water because of its close proximity to the fish that feed on the fish.

Water is the most abundant and essential element of the environment, and a parasite can thrive in the environment.

In the water we find a lot of waterborne parasite.

It is important to note that these parasitic worms are not in the wild, but have been identified in captivity, which is the best way to protect people from infection, Dr Simon Murray said.

Waterborne parasites can infect people through contact with contaminated water, but they are not dangerous to humans.

They can also infect fish or other aquatic animals, and people who eat contaminated water have a risk of contracting the parasite.

The team was able to detect the presence and abundance of the parasite in two of the lakes, which it described as being “relatively common”.

It is thought that the presence on the surface of the water is due to fish eating fish.

Dr Murray said the parasite was present on the bottom of the surface waters, and the presence in the surface water was higher than that found in other lakes, indicating the parasite had grown.

He said that although parasites can only survive in freshwater conditions, it is possible that in some cases, waterborne infection could occur.

Dr Alexander Taggart, director of the Irish Centre for Parasite Research at University College Cork, said the study provided further evidence that the introduction of water-borne parasites in the region could be linked to their consumption of the fish, particularly the type of fish that feeds on the parasites.

He added that the finding is in line with research from other countries that have also shown that worm-eaters are capable of surviving in the contaminated water.

Dr Taggert said he believed the parasite would likely be introduced into water-bearing lakes and rivers in the future.

Dr Martin Burke, who is based at the National Institute for Water and Waterborne Research (NIWR) in Kildare, Ireland, said it is important for people to take measures to protect themselves from the parasite because it can cause illness.

He urged people to “be aware” of the presence, spread and spread of the worm and take action to prevent the spread of this disease.

Dr Burke said it would be very important to monitor the health status of people living near lakes and streams where waterborne infections have occurred and to provide people with bottled water.

He told the Irish Independent that it is very important that people are aware of the risk that they are putting themselves at.

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