University of Calgary thesis generator prompts questions and sparks controversy

University of Calgary thesis generator prompts questions and sparks controversy

The University of Alberta’s thesis generator was used to generate the argumentative thesis, which argued that President Donald Trump was a “racist and sexist bully.”

But the university says the generator is not intended to be a political statement.

The university says it used the generator to highlight its own work and the work of other researchers.

“We wanted to show that we’re a diverse university that embraces diversity and that’s why we’re constantly evolving the thesis generator,” said university president George Foster in an interview with CBC News.

Foster said the university is considering legal action over the project.

The University has also received more than 200 complaints about the generator, including a complaint from a student who was told she had a right to withdraw her written work and a complaint by a professor who was asked to step down.

The student complained that the generator “stole” her thesis.

Foster did not specify what part of the university’s research was the source of the complaints.

The generator is also being used in a class by the university and the faculty of political science.

The class was created with the idea that it would be a “teachable moment” for students, said university associate professor of political and international relations, Ramesh Naidu.

“It’s really important to know what your research is saying,” he said.

The project is part of an effort by the University of Toronto to expand its research capabilities, according to the university.

The initiative includes an initiative called The Great Canadian Debate, which has been used in other universities to explore issues related to political power and influence.

It has been taught at universities across the country, including the University Of Toronto, University of British Columbia and University of Regina.

The Great Debate was created by University of Ottawa professor of sociology, Jonathan Rambukkana.

It’s a “multi-disciplinary discussion” about the challenges of political engagement in Canada, he said in a statement.

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