Why Macbeth Brewing Shouldn’t Be Canceled In Miami

By David McNew/Getty ImagesFor nearly two decades, Macbith Brewing Company has been brewing in downtown Miami Beach.The brewery, which opened in 1976, is still a staple of the local music scene, and it has had a longstanding partnership with the city.In 2017, however, the Miami-Dade City Council voted to phase out the brewery and to rename it The Macbiths.The council, […]

How Trump’s non-thesis thesis defense will look and feel: A non-TODAY presentation

By Emily RogersOctober 10, 2020 12:23:03A new non-trial defense strategy has emerged for President Donald Trump’s first trial for obstruction of justice.As the court prepares to hear arguments on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal’s Jeffrey Toobin and Peter Baker discuss the potential effect of Trump’s defense strategy on the president’s presidency and the case against him.The Times also has the […]

When Is A Master’s Thesis Legal?

A master’s thesis defense may be a bit out of your control if you are charged with rape or murder.If you are accused of rape or you are convicted of murder, you may have to defend your thesis defense.And there are serious consequences for not doing so.For example, if you lose the defense, you could be punished by the judge, […]

When you’re not having sex, can you still have sex?

Dr. Richard A. Burt, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is an expert in the topic of sexually transmitted infections.In a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, Burt and his colleagues found that asexuality, also known as asexual menopause, can be a problem for men.“Many asexuals don’t have sex, but if they […]

How to debate the argumentative thesis

A controversial argumentative hypothesis, often used to argue that a hypothesis is true, is used in research.In this article, we will explore how to debate a thesis using this technique, and the underlying premises that support its conclusion.To use the argumentation technique, a hypothesis must be a valid argument for its conclusions, and its conclusions must be supported by a […]

University of Calgary thesis generator prompts questions and sparks controversy

The University of Alberta’s thesis generator was used to generate the argumentative thesis, which argued that President Donald Trump was a “racist and sexist bully.”But the university says the generator is not intended to be a political statement.The university says it used the generator to highlight its own work and the work of other researchers.“We wanted to show that we’re […]

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