How to talk about the Trump administration’s opioid crisis without sounding racist

How to talk about the Trump administration’s opioid crisis without sounding racist

A new book by two conservative think tanks has called for an urgent and immediate rethinking of how conservatives discuss the opioid crisis.

“We have a president who has promised to get the opioid epidemic under control,” the authors of The Trump Presidency: Reclaiming America’s Conservative Principles, an article published in The Washington Post, wrote in an article for The American Conservative on Tuesday.

“Yet he has done little to help end the epidemic, even after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the number of opioid overdose deaths in the United States doubled in the first nine months of the Trump presidency.”

Trump has not taken a firm position on the opioid problem, instead relying on the words of Republican lawmakers to try to blame it on Democrats.

But he has repeatedly attacked Republicans and suggested they are too close to the Democrats to take a stance.

The authors of the new book argued that Trump has gone beyond that and has “stirred a hornets nest of falsehoods” in his attempts to blame the opioid surge on Democrats, including his assertion that millions of Americans are working two jobs and that the president was not responsible for the increase in the number and type of opioid prescriptions.

The president has been adamant about trying to blame Democrats, but the authors argue he has failed to take action on the crisis himself.

“While the president has not yet shown himself to be the effective leader that he claims he is, the public is far less likely to believe that he is doing more than simply saying that Democrats have taken advantage of the opioid situation to push for more draconian drug policies,” the article says.

“It’s far more likely that Trump is just using this distraction to try and deflect blame from himself and his policies.”

The authors also argued that a Trump presidency could lead to a backlash against conservatives that could harm conservative interests.

“The threat to conservative interests that would result from a Trump administration that actively undermines or attempts to undermine conservative efforts to address the opioid threat is likely to be far greater than the threat from any other administration that Trump could have.”

This is especially true for the future of the United State, given that we have a Republican president who is clearly more focused on governing his base than on building a conservative consensus,” the report said.

Trump has repeatedly denied the opioid issue is an issue that divides his party and called the opioid overdose crisis a hoax by the media.

He has also criticized Republicans who have advocated for tighter restrictions on opioids, calling their position “wacko-wackos.”

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