How to make the most of the MLB’s ‘home-field advantage’

How to make the most of the MLB’s ‘home-field advantage’

A new study shows that the “home-team advantage” in Major League Baseball is the biggest factor in whether teams have a good year or a bad year.

The research, led by a UCLA researcher, finds that home teams in the majors get the advantage because they have fewer players, better coaches, more money, more prestige and better stadiums.

The study, released Monday by the American Sports-Reference website, found that the advantage is most pronounced when teams have more talent on their rosters.

The findings are based on data from the National League’s last five seasons, and are in line with the results of several other studies.

They also reflect the results from baseball’s first decade of existence.

There was a “significant” gap in the number of teams, the researchers found, with the New York Yankees winning the AL East by nearly 30 games in 2014 and Boston, Oakland and San Diego winning the division by fewer than 10 games each.

They looked at the teams’ performance on the field, including wins, losses and runs scored.

It also looked at home runs, walks and home runs allowed, which were all higher on the road, and how teams performed on the weekend.

For every 1,000 games, the study found, the teams with the home-field edge had an average of 1.06 fewer wins, 1.05 fewer wins above replacement, 1 less win for every 100 home runs that were allowed, 1 fewer win for each 50 home runs and 2 fewer wins for each 10 home runs.

In terms of home runs in each game, the average home run allowed was 1.14, the difference between the teams in each category was 1,856.

The differences in wins and home run differential also reflected the fact that the league had more regular season games, with more home games, so the teams were likely to have more games to prepare for, the authors said.

In the end, they found that while there was a noticeable difference in wins between teams, there was no statistically significant difference in the home team’s performance on a week-to-week basis.

The biggest difference was in the amount of home games they played, the paper said.

Teams with fewer home games played 3,000 more games per season, and their overall wins per game were also more than twice as high.

In 2014, the Yankees, the league’s most popular team, had 5,622 wins and 2,939 losses.

The Dodgers, the team with the largest gap in wins, had 2,858 wins and 3,036 losses.

On average, home teams won about 9.8 games fewer than road teams per game.

The researchers said that the home teams also had an advantage in the field because they had fewer coaches and more money.

In that regard, the home clubs had the advantage on the bases, but their home games had a “dramatic” difference.

The difference in home games was particularly noticeable because of the teams ability to hit a home run, the article said.

The home team advantage was especially pronounced in the NL because it was the league with the highest percentage of home teams.

In 2010, only three teams had a bigger gap than the Yankees at 1.13.

In 2015, only five teams had an edge at 1,632.

The team with a larger gap was the Dodgers.

The gap between the Yankees and Dodgers, who won a combined 688 games in 2016, was almost three times the difference the Mets had between the third- and fifth-place teams, who each won 676 games.

The authors said that it is important to note that the study did not measure all aspects of the home field advantage.

They only looked at a sample of more than 11,000 teams.

They did not consider how home teams fared on the weekends, including the difference in attendance and how well the teams performed when their home teams played in the afternoon.

They said that they also did not look at other aspects of their team’s success, such as their wins, home runs or runs allowed.

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