How to make a persuasive speech thesis defense

How to make a persuasive speech thesis defense

I wrote a thesis statement that outlined my theory about why a defendant is liable for defamation when the defendant falsely alleges that a witness said something untrue in a criminal proceeding.

The thesis statement is the first step in a defense.

The defense strategy is simple.

You must present the evidence to prove your theory.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare your thesis statement.


Create an outline of your theory and outline your facts 2.

Create a statement of facts and outline why you believe the defendant is not responsible 3.

Add your statement of reasons 4.

Use the following outline: 1.

Defendant was the victim of a violent crime 2.

The defendant falsely accused another of a crime and falsely claimed the other’s credibility was destroyed 3.

The defendants actions in creating this false accusation were wrong 4.

Defendant used lies to gain control over a victim 5.

Defendant lied to gain the confidence of a victim 6.

Defendant’s conduct caused damage to a witness 7.

The conduct caused harm to the victim 8.

The plaintiff was hurt in a violent or violent-related way by the defendant 9.

The injuries sustained by the plaintiff were caused by the criminal defendant 10.

The court should be able to find the defendant guilty 11.

The jury should find the criminal defendants guilt 12.

The criminal defendant should not receive a fair trial 13.

The legal system should protect the defendant from being sued 14.

The prosecution must be able prove the criminal charges were true 15.

The burden of proof should be on the defendant 16.

The verdict should be fair 17.

If the defendant did not commit the crime, the court should award the defendant compensatory damages 18.

If a verdict is fair, the defendant should be found innocent 19.

If you are unable to write a persuasive defense, the best way to avoid the false allegations is to make your statement in writing.

The best way is to use a prepared thesis statement to present your case and discuss your theory with the prosecutor.

You can do this by taking a few minutes to read your thesis to yourself and writing a brief statement of the argument.

The following outlines the steps to preparing a persuasive thesis statement: 1) Identify a few facts about the defendant.

2) Identifying a few other facts about a victim.

3) List the reasons you believe that the defendant committed the crime.

4) List any relevant circumstances that support your theory that the victim was a victim of crime.

5) List several arguments the prosecutor may raise to demonstrate the false allegation was false.

6) List a few defenses to the false accusation.

7) List your reasons why you think the defendant was not responsible for the alleged crime.

8) List three possible outcomes for the case if the court finds the defendant innocent.

9) List all of the facts that the prosecutor would need to prove a defendant guilty of the crime in order to convict the defendant of the charge.

10) List one of your defense arguments for the defense.

11) List an alternative outcome for the prosecution.

12) List four possible alternatives to a guilty verdict.

13) List why the prosecution must prove that the evidence was not admissible at trial.

14) List five arguments the prosecution may raise in order for the jury to convict.

15) List another possible outcome for prosecution.

16) List reasons why a jury should not convict the criminal.

17) List arguments the defendant may make to convince the jury that the prosecution is not credible.

18) List rebuttals that the defense has offered.

19) List alternative scenarios that might occur in a trial.

20) List some evidence that would show the defendant made false statements in order get away with the crime and/or that the criminal did not intend to harm the victim.

21) List other possible alternatives that may be offered.

22) List what you think will happen if the trial goes forward.

23) List statements of the witnesses that could be used to support your case.

24) List objections to the prosecution’s case.

25) List possible evidence that might show the prosecution withheld evidence that could have proven the innocence of the defendant and/ or the defendant’s actions in bringing the charges against the defendant were wrong.

26) List relevant circumstances in a case that could cause a jury to conclude that the case was not unfair.

27) List how you plan to present the case to the jury.

28) List if any of the testimony is relevant.

29) List certain legal questions that will be raised in your case to determine if they are relevant.

30) List questions the defense is likely to raise.

31) List where you plan on explaining your thesis in court.

32) List areas in which the prosecutor should focus his/her attention.

33) List topics that will appear on the defense’s list of defense topics.

34) List places that the judge may ask questions.

35) List legal questions the prosecutor is likely not likely to ask.

36) List matters that will make the jury question your testimony.

37) List issues that the jury will

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