How to get through a dissertation, a thesis statement

How to get through a dissertation, a thesis statement

You may think you’re just getting a paper from a professor.

But the truth is that you’re not getting a document from the real professor, even if you think you know what the professor’s name is. 

When it comes to papers submitted to the American Psychological Association, there are rules that govern what’s considered fair and proper.

They are meant to protect the integrity of the field.

Here’s a look at what you need to know before submitting a paper to the APA.


APA’s rules don’t require you to present a paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The APA requires that papers be submitted as a paper, rather than as a series of online articles. 


Paper submissions must be completed online. 


Include a statement about your own research. 


You can only submit a paper if you have permission from the APC’s Chairperson, the APAs Chief Science Advisor, and the APAA’s Associate Director for Science, Policy and Advocacy. 


The submission must be submitted electronically and be signed by the person who wrote the paper. 


Only two versions of the paper are permitted. 


Your submission must not be published in a non-peer-reviewed or non-scientific journal. 


An article submitted online may not be submitted for peer review. 


A paper may be published as a preprint, in a journal, or on an archive website or other non-web site. 


Once you submit a submission, you can’t change it or withdraw it. 11. 

After you submit your paper, you cannot resubmit it.

In other words, it’s up to you to get the rest of your work accepted into the APPA.


APA guidelines require that all submissions be in a scientific paper format.

This means that your paper must be peer-edited, have a cover page that lists your research, and include a list of authors. 


As you submit to the Association, you must submit your abstract and manuscript for review by two reviewers. 


There is no deadline for submitting your paper.

You can submit your work at any time. 


If you’re planning to publish your work in an academic journal, you may have to submit your manuscript to the journal.

However, the journal will not accept your manuscript unless it contains at least 75% of your research.


To be eligible for publication, your work must be based on a hypothesis, a theory, or a methodology. 


Some types of peer-review can be performed in person, but you must be present to conduct the review.


Any work submitted as part of a thesis should include a synopsis of the research.

It is considered acceptable if your abstract includes the following information: the purpose of the work; a summary of the main findings; and a description of the methodology, if applicable. 


Submission instructions must be made available on your paper’s website. 


All submitted papers must be available to peer reviewers for at least five business days. 


Receipt of a paper is considered the final approval of your paper for consideration for publication. 


Approved papers will be made public on the APAPAS website within a week after publication.


It is acceptable for your papers to be published on another journal.


Not all papers submitted online are eligible for peer- reviewed publication.

The authorship of a work published online may be confirmed by another peer-Reviewed author, who will also review your paper and take the necessary steps to ensure the paper is consistent with APA guidelines. 


For each paper submitted online, there is a fee to be paid.

If you submit multiple papers, the fee for each will be determined by the number of papers you submit. 


Copies of APA journal articles may be made electronically for review.

The journal may provide an electronic copy of a full manuscript for your review.


Please note that APA does not endorse the content of your submission.

The author(s) of your papers must have obtained approval from the editor(s). 


Do not use any personal information in your submission that is sensitive or that could identify you.


Papers submitted online should include at least three references.


Be sure to keep your paper up to date and include all pertinent information, including your author(es). 


Reviews of APAPAs submissions are anonymous and confidential. 


No personal information is collected or collected from you by APA or the APAS, including but not limited to your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and/or

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