How to defend yourself against the bachelor thesis defense

How to defend yourself against the bachelor thesis defense

When someone accuses you of being a bachelor, your best defense is to say that you are. 

The term bachelor thesis comes from the Greek words boros (born) and tetos (to live). 

In a nutshell, it’s a defense of someone’s existence. 

Bachelor thesis defense It is not possible to defend your own existence, and it is not the place of your defense to tell the world about it. 

But what if the truth is that you have not lived your life the way that you should? 

This is the idea behind the “Bachelor’s Tale” defense. 

As you will read, the defense goes like this: I am not the bachelor, and I have not been the bachelor. 

I have not paid taxes on the money I have earned over the years. 

You should not judge me based on the fact that I have never lived my life the same way as you do. 

What you should be judging is my ability to produce the money and time I have spent working on the things that make me happy. 

If I am not able to do these things, then you should not be able to judge me. 

In this defense, you are also defending yourself against what many people call the bachelor’s thesis attack. 

It goes like so: “You are the bachelor and I am the bachelor,” the defense begins. 

“If I had not been born and raised in the state of Michigan, then I would not be the bachelor in your eyes.” 

It could also be that you do not want to be called a bachelor and you want to remain “an out-of-state bachelor.” 

“This is a bogus claim that I am a bachelor,” you might say. 

Or, perhaps, you would rather not say anything. 

So what’s the best defense of your existence? 

It depends on the type of defense you choose to use. 

And in this article, we will take a look at what the best defence of your life looks like. 

Are you living the life you deserve? 

Can you defend your life from the accusations of a bachelor? 

And how to do so. 

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