How did a small Palestinian village turn into a national security concern?

At least one of the villages in Gaza’s Jabalia district is a national concern, a security concern, or at least it seems that way.

Jabalia was one of only two Palestinian villages in the Gaza Strip that received a visit by Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) during a three-day visit by COGAT to the Palestinian territory last week.

It was also one of two villages that Israel declared a “no-go” zone during the trip.

The other village, al-Mabrouk, was declared a no-go zone on January 14.

Al-Mabsouk is a small village of around 1,500 people.

The area is located in the south of the Palestinian coastal enclave, and it is also home to the al-Nabi mosque, a major Muslim holy site.

Al Mabsouk sits in the Jabalia area, and is also known for its water source.

A local water utility company, known as Al Mamoun, is the only water source in the area, according to a statement released by the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA).

In addition, the Palestinian authorities have issued a circular order banning the importation of water from al-Bukamal, a town in the northwest of the coastal enclave.

According to the PWA statement, al Mabsouks water supplies were taken away from the village, as it does not have the necessary permits to operate.

The Israeli authorities have not released information about the nature of the water in al Mabrouks water system.

Al Mamoun is located on a rocky hilltop overlooking Jabalia, and was recently identified by the Israeli military as a possible Hamas military training facility.

Israel has also declared it a no go area in recent years, and a Palestinian resident living in the village said it was recently evacuated by Israeli forces.

The IDF has been trying to prevent the residents from returning to their homes in Jabalia since the beginning of the summer, as Israel has been seeking to keep the area safe.

Al Mamoudah has been under intense pressure since the summer months.

Al Maboudah was originally part of the village of Khuzaa, which was annexed by Israel in the 1967 war.

It became part of Jabalia after the village was annexed to Israel in 2005, and has been home to thousands of Palestinians since then.

According to Al Mamour, Al Mamouks residents were relocated to Jabalia following the establishment of Israeli security zones.

The Israeli army has reportedly prevented residents from leaving Jabalia for over a year.

According a statement published by the IDF in April 2016, the IDF evacuated residents from Jabalia due to “threats” against their lives and property.

According the Israeli Army, the evacuation was done in order to protect civilians in the vicinity of the military zone.

In addition to the evacuation of residents, Israeli forces also prevented residents of al-Aqsa Mosque from praying in al-Quds mosque.

The al-Saghir mosque, which is located directly on the edge of Jabal al-Sharif, is considered the third holiest site in Islam and is the site of the Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon.

The mosque has been the target of a number of rockets fired from the Gaza strip in recent months, but Israeli forces have been able to defend the site with heavy artillery and the use of drones.

Israel has also been known to impose restrictions on Palestinian movements in and out of the Gaza-Israel border area.

In 2016, for example, Israeli authorities closed the main road leading from Gaza to the West Bank, and barred Palestinians from driving cars through the area.

Israel also closed the Gaza border crossing with Egypt, and prevented Palestinians from crossing into Egypt from the West.

Israel’s restrictions have increased since then, with the Israeli authorities reportedly restricting the movement of Palestinians to and from Gaza, as well as preventing Palestinians from entering the Gaza West Bank.

The Gaza Strip has also witnessed the rise of militant groups in recent times.

Hamas is a militant group with a history of violence and a history that goes back to the 1979 Yom Kippur War.

Since the outbreak of the Israeli-Egyptian war in the summer of 2007, Hamas has gained ground against Israel, including in the Sinai Peninsula, and now operates under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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