Caltech research shows a ‘strong correlation’ between climate change and higher CO2 levels

The University of California, Berkeley, and Caltech have published a research paper in the journal Science saying a strong correlation exists between climate and higher levels of CO2.

The paper found a “large negative correlation” between the two. 

The authors of the study say that the findings may provide “a compelling explanation for why we have observed the climate change seen over the last several decades.” 

“The positive correlation is not because of natural variation in the atmosphere, but because of the human activity of human activity,” the researchers wrote. 

Their findings are important because climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. 

As of 2020, the amount of CO 2 in the air is rising by about 0.25 degrees Fahrenheit, the researchers say.

That’s equivalent to about half of the CO 2 concentration measured over the past half-century. 

It was also around the time that the global population began to grow and the CO2 emissions were increasing. 

That was around the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and a lot of the carbon dioxide emissions came from the coal industry, according to a report from the Carbon Tracker Initiative. 

What’s more, the study says that if climate were not a significant driver of CO_i, there would be no “carbon cycle.”

 It goes on to say: “The observed increase in CO2 is not a consequence of human activities.

In fact, it is a result of natural variability in the climate system that has been occurring since the end of the last ice age. 

For example, we have long observed that the frequency of severe winter thunderstorms is increasing in the tropics, with large variations over time and across the globe.” 

According to the paper, the “natural variability” in the CO_1 atmospheric concentration is a “major driver” of climate change.

The study notes that CO_3, a greenhouse gas that is only half as potent as CO_2, is a more “potent greenhouse gas” because it has a “longer half-life” than CO_0, which can last for decades. 

“Because CO_4 has a longer half-lives, it has been shown to be a more potent greenhouse gas, contributing to the observed warming,” the study authors write. 

In their paper, Caltech’s Mark Zuk and his team found that, “in the past century, the rate of warming of the troposphere has risen by about 2.2 times, which is comparable to the rate observed in the past.”

According to Caltech, the warming rate for the tropospheric has also risen by nearly 2.5 times.

 “If the tropopause warming rate were to continue at this rate, it would result in an increase of the mean annual surface temperature by an amount equal to the increase in the surface air temperature of the entire troposphere since the industrial revolution,” the paper said.

It also noted that “this warming is occurring at a time of increased anthropogenic CO 2 emissions.

This is consistent with the hypothesis that climate is driven by CO 2 .”

 However, the report also said that “the magnitude of the observed global warming is probably not driven by changes in the global surface temperature or surface water content, nor are these changes likely to have large effects on climate.”

The paper concludes that the observed rate of CO1 increase is not driven primarily by CO2, but is instead “by changes in ocean chemistry.”

“Changes in ocean acidification and ocean acidifying capacity will have the greatest effect on the tropic Oscillation,” the authors wrote.

That is, the ocean is getting warmer and warmer and more acidic.

As a result, the tropos will become more acidic, which means more CO2 will be in the water.

“The increased atmospheric CO2 concentration is likely to be responsible for a substantial fraction of the global CO2 increase,” the report said. 

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