How much is climate change happening in the UK?

A new paper on climate change and public policy has been published, with an opening thesis title, How much climate change is happening in England?The paper looks at the impacts of climate change on a range of policy areas, and concludes that, although climate change has some potential to reduce emissions, the impact on public policy is uncertain.In particular, the […]

How to make a global warming thesis

How to write a global-warming thesis article In the 1970s, John Maynard Keynes famously wrote in a speech: “We are all Keynesians in a sense: we cannot deny the existence of economic and technological forces tending to increase the rate of profit”.Today, he was a professor of economics at Princeton University, a world leader in the field of macroeconomics.The Nobel […]

Why is there so much conflict in your thesis?

The thesis center at the University of Southern California, the center for high school students who want to study abroad, has had a bad year.This year, its five faculty members are facing disciplinary action.The Center for Teaching and Learning has had to hire a new director, a new professor and an interim dean.The school also received an additional $5 million […]

Is a master thesis worth the paper it’s written on?

In the past, papers with a master’s thesis have been considered the gold standard of academic writing.It has the prestige and power of a thesis and can guide a researcher through a rigorous research project.In fact, many masters’ thesis submissions are submitted by doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in academia.But in recent years, papers from master’s students and doctoral students […]

What’s wrong with your thesis statement?

You’re about to be presented with a thesis statement.It’s not just any thesis statement: it’s the one you’ve written yourself.It may be written by a student, a professor or even a friend, and it could be used as part of a project, or even to teach yourself a new topic.You might be presented the thesis statement with a couple of […]

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