Twine – what will this asana give you and how to start preparing for it?

Twine – what will this asana give you and how to start preparing for it?

Twine – what will this asana give you and how to start preparing for it?

A beautiful splits? And how! It’s time to work out this item into parts one. Hanumanasana’s position often appears on asana lists to master. This is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult position in yoga. It is not surprising if it is to imitate the famous Hanuman’s jump across the sea – from India to Sri Lanka.

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Some people need a few weeks to master it, others need it, and sometimes you can do it only after a year. Regardless, it is worth pursuing because exercise. Hanumanasana has many benefits.

In addition to stretching and strengthening the thighs, it stimulates the reproductive and digestive organs, improving their functioning, stretches back muscles and fantastically relieves stress and tension.

Twine asana

Twine in detail:

  • Drsti ( focus point): in front of you or eyes closed and directed to the third eye (point between eyebrows)
  • Counterpositions:
    – Virasana – hero’s
    seat – Śvasana – dead body
  • Developing positions:
    – Janu Sirsasana – slope with head to the knee
    – Ardha Supta Virasana – half of the lying hero
    Supta Virasana
    – Parśvottanasana – slope to one straight leg
    – Eka Pada Hamsa Paścimottanasana – swan balance on one leg
    – Bhekasana – frog
    – Anjaneyasana – rising moon / sickle moon


  • Facilitation:
    1. Support your hands on the floor or blocks, but do not straighten your legs completely.
    2. Support yourself on blocks and on one leg – the half-shag.
    3. Place the block under the buttock of the outstretched leg.
    4. Don’t bend to the front of your leg.
  • Action:
    – stretches the thighs, groin and hips
    – makes the muscles of the legs more elastic and slender
    – keeps the legs in good condition
    – strengthens the blood supply to the legs and improves the blood supply to the pelvis and genitals
    – recommended for runners
    – relaxes and strengthens
    the abdominal muscles of the legs – stimulates the abdominal organs
    – version with hands upwards allows you to stretch your legs and removes back tension
    – helps in the treatment of sciatica
    – prevents the development of a hernia
  • Contraindications:
    – tendon
    injuries – groin injuries


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