7 Ways to Enter Meditation with Yoga

7 Ways to Enter Meditation with Yoga

In order to make the most of the opportunities offered by meditation Yoga Teacher Training in India at YTTI, it is worth to relax the whole body in advance to get rid of the ballast of emotions after e.g. a full-day effort. We suggest a few exercises to help you achieve meditation.

Exercises to help you start meditating

I will tell you now several ways – they are fast and very simple – thanks to which it is easier to start meditating. After taking the meditation position (your favorite one – remember, there is no one right!), Choose one of the exercises below and after completing them, start the main part.

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1. Relaxation

Just like in the exercises regarding the Autogenic Schultz Training and relaxation with muscle tension work, sitting in a selected position, try to stretch all the muscles in your body in turn. Feel their weight and warmth.

2. Simple Breaths

At the beginning try to count to 10. Focus on breath will be the main element of the task. Taking a breath, clench your fists and tighten all your muscles. Exhaling, breathe out a breath-like sound like huh. Count one and continue breathing smoothly.

3. Hyperventilation

Perform a series of quick breaths in and out for a minute, imagining that stress and tension are escaping from the air, and your body is light and relaxed.

4. Combined breaths

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As before, breathe continuously without interruption. Pay attention to the way of air intake and make sure that the breath is thoracic, i.e. only the chest should rise. Take two sets of five breaths each. Let the first 4 (inhale + exhale) be medium and the last 5 very deep. After this time, you should be ready for meditation.

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5. Centrum-Hara point

It is located in the lower abdomen, about 3 cm below the navel line. Focus on this point until you feel the body begin to relax by itself. This way will also help you find a new center of gravity that will result in a very stable position during meditation.

6. A safe place

Move with your mind to a place that is an oasis of security and peace for you. It can be real – e.g. your room or fictitious. This is a simple way to calm your mind.

7. Counting with visualization

Depending on your level of sophistication, first try to count from 20 to 1, focusing on each number and visualizing them in your mind. You will feel calm and relaxed with each breath. It is also a very good method to deepen the state of relaxation obtained in a different way.

Thanks to these simple methods practiced before entering the state of meditation, you will achieve peace, free yourself from the intrusive thoughts of everyday life, and enter into such important physical relaxation. This will facilitate and accelerate entry into meditation.

Choose the exercise that is the easiest and most enjoyable for you. You can also combine several of them because everything is allowed in meditation. If you have your own and individual ways, share with us in the comment 😉

Don’t forget that your own meditative music is a great help.

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