108 Reasons to start yoga – Yoga Teacher Training

108 Reasons to start yoga – Yoga Teacher Training

Do you know why and how to start yoga practice? Many people go to the mat for the first time because of back problems or simply state that yoga is fashionable and that they find super fashionable leggings on the Internet.

However, if you are still wondering if you should practice yoga, maybe your decision will be influenced by a list of 108 reasons to start your adventure with practice. Do it for your body and spirit!


108 reasons why you should start yoga practice

  1. You will leave your comfort zone . Some asanas can be a big challenge, you can fall over, but that’s the point to stand up with a smile on your face.
  2. You will start thinking and living like a yogi. 
  3. You will love your body and take care of your health. Sometimes you can complain about different parts of it, but during practice you will enjoy how your body is changing and doing well.
  4. You will become fearless. Over time, going to more complex asanas, you will not be afraid of falling.
  5. You will gain confidence while performing asanas.

    yoga reason to start
    7 . You will teach a completely different lifestyle .
    8 . “You will become” a corpse. This means: you will do the Savasana position well .
    9 . You will learn to listen to your body.
    10 . You will learn to breathe . Every day we do not think about our breathing, only the practice of yoga opens our eyes (and even our lungs) and we become more aware of how breath works on our body.
    11 . You will become a master of breathing – breath will help you cleanse your body and mind.
    12. You will be taller – asanas will lengthen your posture and your spine.
    13. You will stop chasing and live at your own pace.
    14. You will stop comparing yourself because you will realize that you are amazing.
    15. Your defects will become irrelevant. You know that there are no perfect people, and yoga is not about perfection.
    16. You will feel wonderful in your own skin , because Warrior Position will become a way of life.
    17. You will start to notice things that you have not seen before.
    18. You will become an explorer. Yoga will make you want to explore the world.
    19. You will lose control over your body …You will start practicing yoga everywhere – at the airport, on the beach, in the office.
    yoga reason to start
    21. You will improve your sex life.
    22. You will strengthen Kegel muscles that affect better sex.
    23. You will spend more time in the bedroom …  See above.
    24. You will start to respect your body and pay attention to what you eat.
    25. You will live your life.
    26. Maybe you decide to change your  email signature from  “Yours sincerely” to “Namaste”.
    27. You will let go of changing everything.
    28. You will respect people.
    29. You will meetnew cultures and customs.
    30. You will start looking for yoga accessories.
    31. You will start to admire yoga instructors and their possibilities.
    32. You will start looking at your posture in the mirror.
    33. You will start wearing yoga leggings every day.
    34. You’ll become more forgiving because little things don’t matter that much anymore.
    35. You’ll stop following the latest fashion trends because it won’t matter anymore.
    36. You will start reading more books related to yoga.
    37 . You will become better for the world and for yourself.
    38. The lotus will become your favorite flower.
    yoga reason to start
    40. You will learn the meaning of the words chakra and  drishti . You will understand the names of asanas in Sanskrit.
    41. You will add yoga music to your playlist.
    42. You will no longer consider guru words stupid or weird.
    43. You will start to pay attention to your posture when working at a desk .
    44. You’ll stop being a sleepyhead.
    45. You will begin to discover and live by your rituals.
    46. You will start using the hashtag#kochamjoge with all your Instagram posts.
    47. On YouTube, you will start subscribing to yoga-related channels.
    48. One of your favorite colors will become green.
    49. You’ll stop making fun of vegans.
    50. You ‘ll become a vegan and make friends with people who don’t eat meat.
    51. You’ll stop wearing socks at home to jump onto the mat at any time.
    52. You will start practicing yoga several times a day.
    53.  You will have a quieter sleep.
    54. You will teachto meditate. You will calm down and you will not check 10 times if someone wrote an SMS and turned off the iron.
    55. You will start reading yogi motivational quotes.
    56. You will begin to quote Rumi’s words: “Do not be happy with the story of the fate of other people. Develop your own story. ”
    57. You’ll stop gossiping. 58. You will start planning a trip to India. 59. You will start reading about the history of yoga. 60. You will want to learn new languages ​​and travel more.
    61. You buy a meditation pillow .
    62. You will find at home, your favorite place to exercise.
    yoga reason to start
    63. You wo n’t watch TV that often.
    64. You will start growing your own garden.
    65. You will give up drinking carbonated and sweet drinks.
    66. You will stop using offensive gestures.
    67. You will start walking more often and admire the beauty of nature.
    68. You will buy a mala – a Tibetan rosary.
    69. You save on clothes because your main pants are yoga pants .
    70. You’ll discover that there are beautiful parks in your area.
    71. You will startlooking for yoga holidays and trips.
    72. You’ll be closer to nature and nature closer to you. You will start hugging the trees.
    73. The whole world will become a playground for you.
    74. You’ll stop eating fast food.
    75. You will start cooking more often.
    76. You will convince your friends to practice yoga.
    77. You will start to appreciate every moment.
    78. You will understand that your ego is not your ally.
    79. You will improve your memory.
    80. Your skin will become more elastic.
    81. You’ll stop using expensive creams and cosmetics. Look up.
    82. You will feel the connection with your body.
    83. You won’t lean on the wall – you will do Tree Position .
    84. You will stop being clumsy because you will learn to balance.
    85. You won’t get any more bruises .
    86. You will stop taking painkillers.
    yoga reason to start
    87. You will become more attentive.
    88. You will start practicing mindfulnes p.
    89. You will stop wandering around the parking lot in search of your car. Looks higher.
    90. You will swim more often – you can do difficult positions in the water.
    91. You will become very open to other people.
    92. Thanks to curiosity you will become wiser.
    93. You won’t buy so many clothes.
    94. Your body will start to change, it will become more muscular.
    95. On your Facebook page you will only post quotes and articles related to yoga.
    96. You will start drinking warm water with lemon.
    97. Your favorite seating will be the floor.
    98. You will do the lotus position and it will be very comfortable for you.
    99. Your friends will start calling you a pretzel.
    100. You will become more empathic.
    101. In some positions you will resemble a cat woman .
    102. You will love life like never before.
    103. You will stop living the past and focus on the present.
    104. You’ll stop being talkative!
    105. You will save more time for yourself.
    106. You will surround yourself only with positive people.
    107. You will smile every day.
    108. You will standbecome the best version of yourself – yoga not only opens your hips, opens your heart.

Are you ready to introduce yoga to your life? Or maybe yoga has already changed your life? Share with us why you started practising yoga.

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